Do you really think what you are worrying about matters?

John Peitzman, Certified High Performance Coach

Certified High Performance Coach

The mystery of life is an adventure that, while certainly challenging at times, should never be seen as a problem you must solve. The joy is in the journey.

There is a well-known trick to help you deal with any seemingly unsolvable or insurmountable problem you may be facing. That little trick is to ask yourself “Will this matter one hundred years from now?” Doing so puts things quickly into perspective. All of the ‘problems’ we encounter are really just part of this amazing experience of life. There is no value spending your time living in Struggleville – where everything is a struggle. When you honour the struggle and truly enjoy the journey, any so called problems take on an entirely different meaning. They actually become opportunities that you can embrace. Opportunities that can help you to grown into a more successful version of yourself. You become successful not by chance but by choice. One of the most important choices you can make each day is how you view any ‘problems’ in your life. When you realize there are no failures, only feedback… no problems, only possibilities… then you will realize there is really nothing to figure out, only your life to experience. Where your attention goes, energy flows. If you focus on problems, guess what? You are literally fuelling them with your energy. When you look at them in a different light – your energy of attention can fuel more positive growth. This is not subtle and you can experience this shift immediately in your life and it can have a profound positive impact. Let the mistakes you make be lessons you learn. Be genuinely grateful for the all of your experiences. This is your life. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way to remember not to take things too seriously – and to be able to avoid the trap of thinking that you have anything to lose. You have already won; you have this life. Do not wish it away. Do not waste it worrying. When you make what matters most how you live each day, why you live each day and the manner in which you live each day, then you realize there are really no problems at all. The adventure of life can be challenging and is certainly a mystery – but it is most definitely not a problem that you have to figure out. There is no problem. At the end of our short existence we will realize there was nothing to figure out, only this amazing life to experience! Imagine the positive impact to your life if you could embrace this understanding now. You can!

I can help you.

My name is John Peitzman (JP) and I’m a Certified High Performance Coach™. I help business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate teams get to the next level by teaching them the most advanced high performance techniques available in the world, so that they can turn stress, struggle and strife into health, happiness and harmony… and obtain true balance in their lives.

If you are serious about improving then I would be pleased to offer you a FREE, LIVE, 1-on-1 coaching session where I will teach you:

  • How bring more CLARITY into your life and show up as your best self each and every day
  • How to manage your ENERGY with practices to relieve stress and increase stamina
  • How to tap into the wisdom you have within and to be able to act with more COURAGE at will
  • The most important PRODUCTIVITY habit the most successful individuals utilize each day
  • A specific technique to increase your levels of INFLUENCE in all of your interactions
  • The 6 key questions to ask yourself each day to bring more joy, enthusiasm and engagement into your life

These strategies will completely change how you feel, manage your day, and influence others. They are the exact strategies and questions the worlds most accomplished and influential people use to manage their emotions, schedule their days, persuade others, and keep their passions and purpose clear and alive. Knowing these will transform your life. Let’s connect so you can experience these benefits. Yes, really – I’ll help you for free on this one.

Your journey to High Performance begins by following the link below:


Spend an hour with Certified High Performance Coach™ John Peitzman (JP) and learn how to immediately apply to your life some of the most advanced high performance tools and techniques available anywhere in the world.

Increase your Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity & Influence and
Make This Your Best Year Ever!

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