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Group Engagement Training Improving Together; a more affordable Certified High Performance Coaching™ option comprised of an existing team of specifically identified individuals. The best choice for corporate teams and/or other unique groups who are already connected.
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In Balance with Life

In Balance with Life (IBL) was founded by John (JP) and Marliesa Peitzman; a husband and wife team passionate about helping their clients find optimum health, maintain wellbeing and create and sustain a happy and fulfilling life. Certified High Performance Coaching™ is one of IBL’s key program offerings.


The IBL Support System

In Balance with Life (IBL) serves its clients at a much higher level than most all other enterprises claiming and/or attempting to provide quality coaching services. This is done through a systematic and demonstrated quality approach methodology focused on the following “RCC” elements:


Certified High Performance Coaching™ Certification is recognized as one of the most extensive certification programs in existence. Only 200 Certified High Performance Coaches are certified worldwide each year, with rigorous training by High Performance Institute founder Brendon Burchard, the world’s leading high performance coach. It is solidly established and recognized as the most comprehensive, most advance high performance training available in the world.


Although programs typically follow a specific outline and agenda, the sessions delivered are customized for the uniqueness of the individual and/or group. Individual aims and objectives, along with particular patterns, histories, skill sets, knowledge and understandings result in distinct learning capabilities. Established program content is effectively delivered by understanding these vast dynamics and utilizing diverse delivery methodologies personalized for each participant.


Engaging in the genuine exploration of Certified High Performance Coaching™ is a commitment to a journey; a journey that warrants on-going, continuing support. The resources and materials made available to program participants allow those interested to truly imbed the practices and techniques into the DNA of their lives. This includes individual session recordings made available for personal utilization, along with additional 24/7 resources to assist in continuing positive transformation.

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